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Centurion Real Estate Opportunities Trust

The Centurion Real Estate Opportunities Trust (Centurion REOT) is an income and growth oriented trust that allows qualified investors to invest in a diversified portfolio of mortgages and opportunistic real estate developments and investments. 

Simply put, investors pool their money together to invest in mortgage and growth oriented real estate opportunities.  The net profits are distributed back to investors.


Centurion REOT Objectives:

  • Provide investors with cash distributions, payable monthly with the opportunity for long-term growth and a focus on preservation of capital.

  • Investment assets make up a diversified portfolio of mortgage investments, growth oriented real estate investments and ancillary real estate ventures.

  • Maximize Unit value through the active management of the Portfolio.

  • Leverage the strategic relationships within Centurion Asset Management Inc.’s network to increase investment opportunities and manage risk.

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Key Advantages for Investors: 

  • Results Oriented:  Expected annual total returns between 7% - 12%.  (Return yields on Mortgage transactions are expected to be between 7% - 12% with return yields on development transactions to be between 15% - 25%).

  • Monthly Income:  Monthly cash payment distribution allows you to plan and budget or re-invest your distributions.

  • Transparency: Investment terms, strategies and guiding principles are provided prior to investment.

  • Mitigated Risk:  Centurion REOT operates under a strict set of guidelines for assessing investment opportunities and leverages strategic relationship  which helps to mitigate risks.

  • Trust’s Portfolio Diversification:  Centurion REOT intends to diversify the portfolio of investment types, terms and geography, helping to ensure your investment isn’t dependent on any one project.

  • Security:  Protecting your investment is top priority. All loans are collateralized by the Real Estate and are generally also secured by corporate or personal guarantees.

  • Easy Investment Options:  Options to invest with cash or via registered plans like RRSP's, RRIF's and TFSA's.

  • Positive Social Impact:  Investing into projects that are helping to develop communities & strengthen job markets.


Centurion REOT is only open to investment from qualified investors via Offering Memorandum. Investors may purchase units in the trust through Centurion Asset Management Inc. or through their Investment Advisor.  The minimum investment is $25,000.