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Make Your Mortgage Tax Deductible with Centurion Apartment REIT

Did you know that you can make your home mortgage tax deductible, create income and build wealth all at the same time?  The Smith Manoeuver is a technique that anyone with equity in their home can exploit.

How does it work?  You separate your mortgage into two "silos", one for investment and the other  for your non deductible home portion.  By using the cash flow from your investment silo, you pay down your non deductible home silo (the one you have already) faster.  Over time, you could build a substantial investment portfolio and have the mortgage on your home become fully tax deductible.*

One of the primary considerations when implementing the Smith Manoeuver is what investment to buy so that you can comfortably use the strategy and sleep at night.   Apartments are a low risk, high return and very tax efficient way to invest.  Due to its low minimum investment, and stability of returns you can grow your nest egg over time with Centurion Apartment Real Estate Investment Trust. Centurion Apartment REIT distributes on a monthly basis to its investors, which can be used to pay your mortgage interest and have more left over to further reduce your mortgage principal.  With mortgage rates at around 2.25%, Centurion Apartment REIT´s distributions easily cover the mortgage payment.  Further, since most of the distribution you receive from the REIT is tax deferred (due to depreciation the REIT is allowed to pass through to investors), you get to double dip on tax savings.  You deduct your  investment mortgage costs in the current year and defer the investment income you earn from the REIT for years.

Why would you choose Centurion Apartment REIT as the investment leg of your Smith Manoeuver Strategy? Centurion is a private apartment real estate investment trust, which is the closest thing you can get to buying apartment buildings without the hassle or the high volatility of the stock market.  It provides a high, stable and secure income that is tax efficient.  Success in using the Smith Manoeuver is highly dependant upon your ability to stick with the strategy and stock market volatility often scares investors out of the market at the worst times.  Apartment investing is far less volatile than stock market investing and provides stable long term returns.  Apartments are the perfect investment if you are looking to execute a Smith Manoeuver strategy.

Don´t know who to call or how to begin?  We can refer you to professionals that regularly assist clients in implementing a Smith Manoeuver strategy.